About Bug Off Exterminators

Bug Off Exterminators is a local, family owned and operated business proudly serving Simcoe County. Bug Off Exterminators was founded by Quentin den Braber  & Harley E. den Braber  when we had the realization that there was a need in the Simcoe County area for a pest control company who consistently provided quality pest control. Over 22 years later, I have served thousands of happy customers and continues to strive for excellence in the pest control industry through training and education. Bug Off Exterminators. has always been committed to quality service using state-of-the-art equipment, the highest quality products, and extensive employee training. All of our employees are handpicked by our Certified Pest Control Operator, go through an extensive background screening and drug testing. Our employees receive weeks of initial training, continuing education through various training programs, and constant on-site Q & A.

We strive to make the difference with a One and One communication with our customers. We are not a large company, as part of a promise, We will make our customers feel like they are part of our Family, and be there to deal with any problems you might have. We know if you are happy, We are happy. We Guarantee 100% satisfaction. We are standing by for any pest problems you may have. Relax & Call Us today. We provide pest control services designed to keep bugs out of your home. Our pest control programs start with an initial interior treatment designed to eliminate any insect infestations. Then we apply a barrier treatment around the perimeter of your home to keep the bugs out. This IPM (integrated pest management) strategy lowers the amount of pesticides in your home, while preventing bugs from entering.

About The Owner

I have started my experience in the Pest Control Field Originally in Pinellas County Florida, where I have received most of my training and continuing education and pursued to go to many different Colleges and University for more training and different degrees. From the  University of Florida to the  University of Orlando including Bowling Green, Kentucky Agriculture and many other learning Institutes with many degrees in this field of  Entomology of Science. recognized from the Guelph of University Ontario, to the Ministry of Ontario Government Canada with my excellence and achievements.  I have brought over 22  years of experience back to my Homeland of Canada to pass on my education and background to the public. to serve my experience to there place of Homes, Factories, Commercial, Hotel, Motels and other Establishments.

Family-Owned Excellence

When youíre facing a pest control issue, no matter how large or small, you want it resolved quickly and efficiently. Bug Off Exterminators is a locally-owned and operated family business, and we understand you donít have the time to waste when it comes to ensuring your home is safe, healthy and comfortable. Our team, headed up by our working owner, will deliver you a quality of service youíre not going to find from any other pest control company in the Simcoe County area and if so, very few. but along with quality, we have something else that sets us apart personalized service. you are guaranteed that the owner will always be there to either talk to you on the phone. or at your resident or business to make sure if you have a problem that your problem is solved by the owner. GUARANTEED

Achievements & Degrees

∑ State of Florida department of Environment Protection

∑ University of Florida 2005 Pest Control work Shops Achievement Certificates

∑ University of Florida 2006 Pest Control work Shops Achievement Certificates

∑ Training degree in Hazardous Operations / OSHA Level ll

∑ FNGLA Certified

∑ First detector training completion of the State of Florida

∑ University of Florida Best Management Practices Pest Control

∑ Purdue University Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Courses

∑ Recognized State of Kentucky Structural Exterminator

∑ Recognized by the Ministry Of Environment Ontario

∑ LPCO of Ontario, Canada

Quentin den Braber - Owner / President

Harley   den Braber - Owner / Vice President
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